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Revive, Relax, Release

Class Descriptions And Pricing

Integral-Style Yoga is our most traditional yoga class which focuses on building flexibility, strength, and awareness not only of the body, but of the mind, and spirit. REVIVE, RELAX and RELEASE.

Level 1

Warm up stretches, great variety of poses, many modifications with extensive cuing, and intimate detail of each pose for maximum benefit in the asanas, focusing on proper alignment and finishing with guided relaxation.

Level 2

Warm up stretches, variety of asanas, more flow and vinyasa with standing poses, some advanced poses, finishing with guided relaxation and meditation.

Gentle Yoga - Contemplative and Restorative

De-stress from your week and relax. This class is suitable for everyone who needs to unwind and replenish your natural health reservoirs. Specially designed with a sequence of stretches and asanas that will activate your ability to relax and restore. All ages welcome. Focused stretches for problem areas, aromatherapy, breath work, grounded and easy stretches with asanas flowing gently from stretches. Plenty of props are used to maximize your rest and restoration.

About Inclusive Yoga

Inclusive Yoga is a system for the harmonious development of every aspect of the individual. The following are some of its different practices:

Raja Yoga - The path of concentration and meditation. Based on ethical perfection and control of the mind, Raja Yoga leads ultimately to the state of samadhi, or super consciousness.

Japa Yoga - Japa Yoga is a part of Raja Yoga. Japa means repetition of a mantram. A mantram is a sound structure of one or more syllables which represents a particular aspect of the Divine Vibration. Concentrated mental repetition of the mantram produces vibrations within the individual's entire system which are in tune with the Divine Vibration.

Hatha Yoga - Postures (asanas), breath control (pranayama), relaxation, and cleansing practices (kriyas) to purify and strengthen the body and mind.

Karma Yoga - The path of selfless service. By performing duties without attachment to the fruits of the action, the Karma Yogi becomes a conscious instrument of Divine Will.

Bhakti Yoga - The path of devotion. By constant love, thought, and service of the Divine (either as God, a Divine Incarnation, or the spiritual teacher), the individual transcends his/her limited personality and attains Cosmic Consciousness.

Jnana Yoga - Involves the use of the intellect. The practice of self-analysis cuts away attachments to the impermanent things of the world outside and gradually lessens identification with the body, emotions, and mind. Thus the Higher Self comes to realize absolute freedom .


Single Drop-in class $15.00
5 Class Pass $65.00
10 Class Pass $110.00
20 Class Pass $200.00
30 Class Pass $270.00
Private $75.00
Semi-Private $35.00 each


Reiki Healing Session $75.00

Class Etiquette

  • Refrain from eating too close to the start of a class.
  • Turn cell phones off before class starts.
  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your class.
  • Wear comfortable clothes; leave your shoes at the door.
  • Please refrain from wearing fragrances in consideration for those with allergies.

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Musings, Meanings, Mindfulness

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