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I was born and raised in New Hampshire and moved to south Florida in 1980. I started my undergraduate studies in New Hampshire and completed a bachelor's of science degree in business administration, with honors, 1990, at Nova University (now Nova Southeastern University). I developed a successful corporate coaching and training business which included adjunct teaching at Florida Atlantic University. Throughout my career, I have always been in my milieu and successful in a teaching and training mode.

Where It All Began

In January, 2003, I attended my first yoga class, after which I instantly knew that I was "home". My commitment and immersion in the practice of yoga involved 5 to 7 classes a week. This dedication continues to this day, between teaching and attending classes under the direction of seasoned, talented and caring yogis and yoginis. I have essentially been a sponge, absorbing a wide diversity of styles of yoga and range of teaching methods. My training background has enabled me to merge and assimilate what I have felt to be the best of many areas and techniques into an individualized approach to yoga that is attentive, comprehensive, caring, distinctly hands-on assisted yoga, and fun. The type of yoga which I have been teaching for 3 years ecclectic, based on Iyengar Yoga and Integral Yoga, focusing on a wide assortment of asanas (poses) modifications, adjustments and variations inclusive of partner yoga. To compliment my background and to incorporate all that I've continued to learn, I received Yoga Alliance certification as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and Experienced Yoga Teacher E-RYT. Additionally as a voracious reader, with books ever ready in the car, on the breakfast table, by the bedside and other places of rest, my study of yoga continues of the Masters, the philosophy, the history.

Your journey can be easy - here's how: Val's impassioned commitment to sharing life management skills with you, through intimate, focused, hands-on yoga classes, teaching you easy steps to revive your spirit, relax your body and release your potential to reach optimum health, one breath at a time.

What Is Yoga?

Yoga is intended, as the Sanskrit name implies, to yoke, or bring together, merge together, your body, your mind, your spirit. It is my belief that yoga is NOT aerobics and body bruising intensity, nor a competitive sport. Yoga is not about pain, but peace, bringing all the parts together for a transcending moment or two of beauty, peacefulness, and ecstasy.

Asanas - The Body Connection

What is most commonly known about yoga is the body connection, through poses, known as asanas. Asana strengthens the body, provides flexibility and stamina for the body. Breath, used in harmony with each asana, is the vehicle used during movement into, through and out of an asana, providing the bridge, the lubricant, for the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, to "go" someplace new. The ideal is that when you use your breath as the vehicle to move the body into a pose, once you are in the pose, you will then rest, be thoughtful, connect with divinity and spirituality for a moment of peace and bliss. This is the yoking and bringing together of all the fractured parts of our world: body, mind, and spirit, into one.

Your Practice of Yoga

Over the centuries, not surprisingly, this is still referred to as Yoga Practice. It may appear intimidating to watch a class mate flow into an asana that you feel you will never attain. Be encouraged to not compare. It is their practice which you are observing. Go inward; practice YOUR yoga, seeing where YOU go today while on the mat. By staying inwardly focused, you also increase the likelihood of attaining more moments of bliss and peace, by directing your attention to YOUR practice. Ultimately, you will find an unfathomable amount of benefits to your practice of yoga: better overall health, ability to focus and stay focused, sound sleep, confidence, new mastery in relationships, and overall life management skills.

Welcome to the journey – Contact us today to start your journey. Namaste!

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Meet Val Jennings, E-RYT

". . . I attended my first yoga class, after which I instantly knew that I was “home" . . ."

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Val Jennings
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Val Jennings is the owner/operator of of Mandala Yoga Studio in Broward County, Florida. Contact Val for information on classes.

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