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Welcome to, hopefully, a new journey in your life. The art of yoga can bring you significantly increased physical health, profound mindful peace and a new or fresh spiritual connection for your life. Yoga can be a life-changing practice. To date, for me, it has been exactly that and more.

About Val

Val Jennings, Director, Mandala Yoga Studio

Where It All January, 2003, I attended my first yoga class, after which I instantly knew that I was "home". My commitment and immersion in the practice of yoga involved 5 to 7 classes a week.

My Mission

That by sharing with them my passion for this art, to introduce yoga to as many people as possible, and to enable them to place themselves on a freeing path of life of health, tranquility and fun.

My Vision

To witness multitudes of people engaged in yoga as the vehicle of their life's journey towards overall health and tranquility.

Our Services


The Mandala Yoga Studio offers 3 levels of yoga to compliment your level of practice to develop focus, release tensions, and provide self mastery.

What to expect...

Expand your health

Yoga is intended, as the Sanskrit name implies, to yoke, or bring together, merge together, your body, your mind, your spirit.